Obviously I flubbed-up

Obviously I flubbed-up the opening sentence, which should have read: “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary…,” and so from the start you can see I need some help. However, I do believe it is a good start…which only needs more of a middle part, and an end, whereby each citizen and group can affirm their SUPPORT FOR EACH OTHER: “And for the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance of the protection of divine providence we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, & our sacred honor.”

Somehow, I do not believe the Framers would mind our borrowing their words for our cause. It all seems to fit too perfectly.

So who will give me their JOHN HANCOCK…and help to begin a Revolution? Is it true there are nine hundred and ninety-nine PATRONS of virtue, to one virtuous man?? Is it not true that voting is only a FEEBLE WISH for the right to prevail???

Benjamin Franklin once quipped, when signing the Declaration, that: “If we do not all hang together, we shall surely each hang separately.”
I submit to you, friends, that the same holds true for us and our cause. Truth be known, there are thousands of NCP groups already formed, and with hundreds of thousands of members. The problem is that EACH group wants theirs to become the “umbrella” organization which will unite us all, and each group has it’s own issues and agendas.
There are too many people, in other words, with too much to say.

My NCP declaration can unite the many different organizations and groups, by listing their common grievances (as in (1.)thru(5.) of the document ), and using terminologies and generalizations that EVERYONE can agree to sign and be a part of, hopefully. If there is any wording which is not agreeable to us all, we will change the wording to make it more agreeable–to everyone! Of the five grievances I have listed so far, does anyone find reason not to sign my declaration? Surely the words can be altered to make the document agreeable.

Perhaps the document can be used to unite the many groups and organizations for a single event, such as refusing to pay support a certain month in a nationwide protest? If NCP’s made extra support payments before or after the coordinated nonpayment of support, then there would be no harm done to the children. If NATIONWIDE cooperation between our groups is ever successful, and we are able to unite as one powerful force, surely it will require an instrument such as this to attract the favorable attention of the media and convince the citizenry to change the laws.

Who will join me? Who is willing to recognize the RIGHT for Revolution, as also provided in our Constitution? The Framers flew a flag which had shown a snake broken into eight pieces, with the words “JOIN, or DIE” stitched across the bottom.
And these are the words I say to you, friends: JOIN, or DIE!