Prepare yourself to be kicked around and toyed with

I live in Florida and have been fighting for almost three years so prepare yourself to be kicked around and toyed with. The system will back her all the way even if you were best for your children.

Here is some hard to accept advice but believe me, if you think about it well and look at all the results, you might see how good this could be. I did.

– If you can, look for another job where you will be able to travel much less even if you get paid less. You will probably be nailed with 25% of your gross, so whatever pay cut you take will be a pay cut for her. Maybe she will even have to work and not have it so made.

– If you do this, try to spend more time being involved with all activities at your childrens’ school. You can assist classes once a week for an hour, help with extra curricular activities, help with school activities and meetings, etc.

– Get to know the teachers, principals, and your childrens’ friends.

– Any chance you get to go out to dinner, park, movie, etc. with your kids, do it! If your ex wants to go out on a date, BE THE BABY SITTER!

– DO NOT pay any expenses for the children such as child care, clothing, etc. This is why she gets 25%. My ex convince me to pay day care instead of giving her some of the child support. I paid over 21K through the years and then she nailed me for back child support. In GA paying like I did is considered a gift to the children and does not count as child support.

What do you get in exchange:

– Less money, more modest managed living
– She has to work instead of sit home and enjoy life
– Your life slows down and you get more time to smell the roses WITH YOUR KIDS!
– Best of all – YOU WILL BE YOUR KIDS HERO, ALWAYS! My children are 14 and 12 and they both treat me like if I was the best thing that ever happened to them and they love to hear their friends tell them how cool and sweet their Dad is to them.

If anyone can sacrifice the big bucks, your kids will be the winners….