Texas Child Support Question

child supportMy girlfriend had put child support on me for our two year old daughter. I am not sure if I am the father but I had signed on the birth certificate because at that time I was the only one with her while she was going for delivery and she had no one else. I am from a different country. The court had apparently came to a conclusion of setting an amount and garnishing my wages.

I was not involved in any of this. I promptly quit the job and left back to my country. When I reapplied for my visa, I was refused saying that I owed over 12,000$ from bad child support. I hired a lawyer to take care of that so that I can come back to the states and take care of some unfinished business. The mother and me came to an agreement of removing the bad child support, so that I can come back, but the AG is not agreeing to the agreement.

We are going to a judge shortly. My question is can the AG do this. The second thing that the mother and me came to an agreement is that if the judge rules against me, she would try to take away my parental rights so that there would not be any child support.

Will that remove the bad child support. Please Help. Thanks