It’s an interesting notion

It’s an interesting notion – sadly, for every one father who wants and chooses to be in his childrens’ lives, there’s 5-10 who chose their career before all else. Until they’re smacked with a divorce that says – oops, I guess I’ve been neglecting things at home. And for every one father who wants and chooses to be in his children’s lives, there are 5-10 mom’s out there with more backing and support than the male half of the species can garner.

Can you imagine the agenda listing for a politician who wants to collect “points” from all the small groups out there? Remember, for each group that’s “for” something, there’s an equal and sometimes more formidable group “against” that same something.

I’m sorry – but the truth is sad but honest.

Yes, we can shout and write letters and send emails to politicians….and maybe convincing some big name stars to come to your side, that always seems to help……but do I see change in my lifetime? I’m sorry….I don’t….for a myriad of reasons that society simply isn’t ready to see yet.

I don’t want to sound discouraging to the father’s who want to “fight” the system that’s in place – I wish them all the luck in the world. Sometimes things fall into our laps that we had no idea possibly could…..but more times than not, they don’t.