Take the time to prepare

More than anything, also take the time to prepare. Put together a Chronological statement, starting from the day you met your children’s mothers, to present. This will save you 1-2 hours of attorney fees. Keep a daily journal. Put in it everything you do each day, along with the times.

What should you put in it? What you should not put in it is when you have sex. everything else goes in. That way, if she claims you did something a month, or a year from now, you can quickly reference what you were doing that day. Instructions for keeping a journal can be found under Benefits. Regularly check your case file to make sure your attorney is doing the things he/she says is being done. Get prepared financially: apply for a loan (I recommend going with at least $500 bucks), hire a lawyer if you want to, start collecting papers.

Know people who can testify on your behalf? Get a notarized statement from them. Keep a copy and give the original to your attorney.

There are many things that can be done to keep the cost down.