She’s YOUR girlfriend but you don’t know if you are the father?

She’s YOUR girlfriend but you don’t know if you are the father? Also, the court would not have entered a child support and garnishment order without prior notice to you so where were you when the support hearing came up.

The AG is involved: a) because AG’s typically are responsible for enforcing support orders when the mother has little money; or b) because the mother went on public assistance and now that they know where you are, they want their money back. If the AG is really holding the arrearage over your head, my GUESS is b.

Leaving the country without paying the support just p$ssed people off at the courthouse because you made it look like you could care less about judicial orders. Now that they have your attention, the AG wants to give you a civics lesson.

You need to sit down with that attorney of yours pronto and go over all the possible scenarios. Next time, you need to be a bit more aware of what is going on around you.

As for the other members of this “club” I hope this case serves as a wake up call. The stakes in these cases are high – pay attention to what is going on, DON’T EVER MISS COURT DATES and comply with all court orders unless it is absolutely impossible (contempt requires wilful disobedience and can be avoided if you have a decent excuse (note that decent is a relative term)) no matter how onerous.