What can the politicians do?

politiciansI’m curious about what you “think” the politicians – any of them – can do?

Make divorce harder?
Humans make mistakes, this includes choosing mates and breeding.

Is it better for the child to be in a two parent home with shouting, screaming and physical fighting between the parents, after all, they are together, isn’t the the important part?

Why do we expect others to solve our problems for us?

Sorry, I don’t believe Buchanan’s the answer – nor do I believe any of the politician agenda’s are the solution to an ageless problem.

If the humans making up the system were ethical and honorable, for instance, if they could part equitably and peacefully, thinking of the child(ren) first and not themselves, then would we need a system at all? And if the humans aren’t honest and fair, how can you expect the system to be any less?